Self-Publishing in the Digital Age

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Self-Publishing in the Digital AgeOnce, there were only two ways to publish a book: do it yourself or get accepted by a traditional publisher. But today, there are many more choices.


What to Ask Your Publisher

Often, authors don't know where to start when it comes to self-publishing their book. Ask your publisher about these ten things before you buy.

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Self-Publishing Myths

Self-publishing has gotten a bad rep over the years, and of course, many myths have arisen. We'll take a look at the top ten.

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Free Edit Assessment

This free Edit Assessment will let you know how much editing your book needs, if any, using samples from your text.


Frequently Asked QuestionsYou asked... We answered.

Do I really have to pay for publishing?

The answer is probably "yes" unless you are famous, renowned, or notorious in some way. Traditional publishers are not looking for books by unknown writers. They want the high profile books with built-in audiences that are guaranteed to at least cover their costs.

Are traditional publishers acquiring manuscripts?

Right now, the economy is not conducive to anything risky like an untried author. Traditional publishers, like everyone else, are looking for the sure thing, more so now than ever before.

Should I go with a big publisher or a small one?

That depends on you. Big publishers will be—like all big companies—professional and impersonal. Smaller companies will give you a richer, more personal experience, but may seem a little riskier. When it comes to price, you will pretty much be in the same ballpark with either one, depending on the packages you choose, so the decision really lies in what you need from your publisher.

What do I really need to have done by a publisher?

You will probably need the have the interior formatting done professionally as well as the cover. You'll need an ISBN, a barcode, and a Library of Congress Control Number, and distribution is a must, with as many distributors as you can manage. A webpage is also a necessity, and if your book needs editing, get it edited. There's no way you can compete with an illiterate book.

How much should basic publishing services cost?

The cost varies by publisher, but if you compare service by service, you'll arrive at a reasonable number. Even without the editing, it's probably not possible to get all the publishing work done properly for less than $800.

Do I really need editing?

Chances are you do. Even professors get their work edited, because as anyone who writes professionally will tell you, once you've read your work over as many times as you need to to make it good, you'll no longer be able to see the errors. And if you're not sure, then you certainly do.

Will my book sell?

That depends on the book. It also depends on how well you promote it. If you set it up for publishing and then forget about it, it's a pretty sure thing, that it will not sell. If any publisher promises you it will, RUN! Never trust sales people who promise you lots of money.

Why do I need to market my book?

You don't. Unless you want it to sell. There are over two million books in print. Marketing is what you do to get people to look at yours instead of all the others.

Are bookstores the best place to sell my book?

Maybe. Again, it depends on the book. Just don't overlook the potential for marketing provided by the internet. You can go direct to the consumer over the internet.

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Once, there were only two ways to publish a book: do it yourself or get accepted by a traditional publisher. But today, there are many more choices. Besides traditional publishers, there are vanity presses, subsidy publishers, POD publishers, self publishers, and any number of combinations of these basic types. With all of the available methods of publishing, authors must determine which method best suits their personality, timeline, and budget. At Choose a Publisher, we evaluate the leading self publishing companies and are able to help you make an informed decision about which one is the right one for you.

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